Shrikant Kulange's Learning hub

Why Learning Hub Classes?

An experience of more than 17 years in delivering education overseas as well as on a domestic level, the founder has developed a new method of imparting knowledge to young minds with a simple technique that has reaped successful careers and pillared students’ lives.

Psychological Assistance

Psychological tests to assess learning and memory process of student and subsequent counselling.

Excellent Study Material

Topic-wise study material covering detailed theory, illustrated examples, practice questions, group discussion and solved examples.

Individual Performance Evaluation

Monitoring of individual students’ performance, regular reporting to parents on progress and psychometric analysis.

Talented and active faculty

The quality of our course leaders is unparalleled. Each is an expert facilitator who has trained many of the students.
As the newest coaching faculty, all of trainers have undergone the most comprehensive training and adhere to rigorous institute standards, to ensure an exceptional coach and leadership training experience. We invite you to explore the commitment, lives and passions of our Learning Hub leaders.

Ambiance and Infrastructure

Modern infrastructure, air-conditioned, sound proof, state-of-the-art classrooms, Audiovisual e-learning platforms that foster better learning.


Learning Hub is strategically located at prime place on Link Road, Kedgaon, Ahmednagar and nearby area covered thus saving precious study time for our students.

The Co-Active Approach

Learning Hub Model balances self-awareness, a keen agility with relationships, and courageous action to create an environment where individuals are fulfilled and better connected to themselves and others. Our model is based on the principle of Learning Hub interaction, a relationship-based approach rooted in the competencies of emotional intelligence and the belief that people have an inherent desire to strive toward meaningful and fulfilling goals.

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