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1. The Course fee must be paid in 2-3 instalments, in consecutive months, by cheque.

2. Fees once paid will not be refunded or transferred under any circumstances, whatsoever.

3. Students should be regular and punctual in attendance. Any absence must be informed in advance to the office Manager / Authorised Teachers except in case of illness where a medical certificate should be produced by the student.

4. Student’s presence is compulsory for all the Examinations. Any absence for exams will be strictly dealt with.

5. When parents wish to discuss any matter, they are advised to meet the subject Teacher or the person concerned personally. Parents should avoid making phone calls to resolve any issues.

6.If any student found to have misbehaved in any manner, shall be discharged from the classes immediately. In such events no refund of any part of fees for the remaining period will be made.

7. No students shall enter the classroom with a cellphone.

8. Students can bring cycle or any other vehicle on their own responsibility.

9. Parents must ensure that students are prompt in attending classes / exams  in orderly behaviour.

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phone: 0241 2423 111