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Learning Hub – Education

Learning Hub provides educational coaching under its one roof. Under this hub, board examination preparation takes place considering present atmosphere of private coaching classes. Hub does the coaching with different concept in mind which is in conjunction of psychological aspect. Students are constantly under stress during education time and Learning Hub – Counseling branch does assist them doing right things with basic ideas and counseling. This way we ensure students are on correct path of thinking and motivated to achieve their goal.


Highlights of Learning Hub:

  1. 25 students in each class which are made ergonomically suitable for each student.
  2. Group discussion.
  3. E-education via specially developed software, videos, animation etc.
  4. Every day tests.
  5. School books used for teaching purpose instead of additional tution books. This will avoid additional confusion of student.
  6. Required printed notes and same in electronic formats for quick review.
  7. Specially designed tablet with JEE and NEET exam syllabus with required test papers. Student can read NCERT and CBSE reference books on tab and answer test papers on tab itself where he will have his score delivered promptly.
  8. Latest addition of individual computers for practicing MCQs for JEE / NEET and MS-CET (Engineering and Medical) to each student.
  9. Psychological tests and counselling based on results to students and parents (where needed). Certain psychological tests will be done every month and profile is prepared. This profile will help student and parents to decide the further path of education.
  10. Free tea/coffee with snacks provided to ensure student are well feed.
  11. Cameras installed at strategic locations where students are watched while they in premises. Student’s body language is one of the important observation for psychologist to make correct profile of each one.