Dale Reilly

I visited this new institute a few days ago. It is futuristically planned to change the concept of education in the minds of children. The ambience of the class rooms are designed to make learners feel at ease and as if they are doing something they enjoy with a group of friends, they have bar stools and high circular tables to allow the students to sit or stand during the lecture giving the feeling of freedom, to do as you wish and sitting in a group with friends rather than in a class room which they have been doing for nearly their whole life until now. The teachers also have an added advantage with better eye contact with the students when talking to them or discussing with the group at their tables. Speaking to the director Mr. Shrikant Kulange this novel concept was also intended to study the child’s body language, understand and help increase the learner’s confidence levels. The overall set up with career counselling and child psychologist present in the hub is something unheard of in most of the education centres which is made available in this rather small city of Ahmadnagar, India. Hats off to Shrikant Kulange and his team. I wish him the very best with the hope of seeing new budding talent shaping the future for the better of mankind.