Shrikant Kulange's Learning hub

8th to 12th Coaching

State Board & CBSC Board

  • starting 7th standard from June 2021

    New batch of 7th standard will enable Students to understand basic concepts about how to prepare for next standards. It is necessary to develop the study habits to meet the requirements of education.

  • New State board teaching standards.

    Since last year state board syllabus have changed and it has confused parents and students in study method segment. We will ensure that both, parents and students are kept up-to-date about these changes.

  • Teaching methodology

    Teaching methods are based on coaching system. Focused in group discussion, practical application, audio-visual methods.

  • Limited Students

    Only 25 students per batch will be admitted. Small size class rooms are better for understanding and explaining subjects more in details.

  • Psychological Assistance

    Psychological assistance is provided in the form of various psycho-tests, counselling, parents-child relationships etc.