Shrikant Kulange's Learning hub

ब्लॉगर, श्रीकांत कुलांगे हे आंतरराष्ट्रीय पातळीवर सायकॉलॉजिस्ट आणि हेल्थ सेफ्टी अँड एन्व्हायरमेंट ॲडव्हायझर म्हणुन सिंगापूर आणि भारतात, अहमदनगर येथे काम करतात.

Parent-Child Meet

Parents of students were called in for interaction in class seminar hall. Prof. Ashwini Jadhav – explained new method of paper setting and answers.

Shrikant Kulange explained status of Learning hub and its initiatives taken for this year.



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