Psychological Counseling

Guidance and Counselling

We have Government registered Counselor who is available for services from private to government sectors.  Fees charged according to services needed. For further information, contact


Psychological assessment and Testing

  • IQ tests,E.Q. (Emotional Intelligence)test
  • Aptitude test, Creativity test,Interest test
  • Personality test ,Stress, Anxiety, Parent- Child Relationship etc

Educational and career Counselling

  • Improving study habit
  • Memory improvement
  • Vocational & Career Counseling
  • Study habits, study skills & Concentration Problems of Students ,etc.

Counseling and guidance on competitive exams


Behavior Management counseling

  • Stress and anger management , Depression and conflicts resolution.
  • Addiction (Smoke, alcohol, drug , media etc)
  • Behavioral Problems: specially Children & Adolescents

Family and Marital Counseling

  • Premarital & Marital Counselling
  • Child counseling