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SAT/TOEFL/GRE Preparation

Coaching for SAT, TOEFL and GRE

What is SAT?:

Scholastic Aptitude Test checks the analytical thinking and critical thinking in an individual which renders him or her eligible to apply for overseas Under Graduate studies. This test is conducted by the College Board. This exam is mandatory for those students who make applications to Universities in USA, Singapore and many educational capitals.


What is GRE?:

Graduate Records Examination is a pre-requisite for applicants seeking Post Graduate studies in overseas Universities. This exam is conducted by Education Testing Services and is accepted worldwide. This is also validated by the World Education Services. The GRE tests the aptitude of an applicant in terms of graduate level English and Mathematics constrained with time and critical assessment.



Test of English as a Foreign Language as the name suggests tests a candidates ability to speak, write, read and listen in English. This exam is a concomitant to GRE and SAT both.

When are these exams conducted?

SAT, GRE and TOEFL are conducted throughout the year and desirous applicants are recommended to apply well in advance to seek placement for either Fall or Spring semester, however appropriate.


Facilities provided by learning hub:

Learning Hub is a one stop destination for all requirements addressing international applications. Coaching for each of these exams is provided along with basic soft skills training. Each student is given personal attention because Learning Hub delivers smart study methods by preparing students to face any type of question in these exams. They are also made to understand the calibre of these exams and what it demands out of a student.


Future counselling:

Learning Hub also assists with counselling in advising students about lucrative career opportunities and best in class Universities that not only suits their acumen but also their overall performance scores. We also take care of all application work, maintaining student account data for each University, payment of fees, uploading documents and completing their Statement of Purpose as well as CV writing.