Shrikant Kulange's Learning hub

Various pre-graduation entrance preparation


Learning Hub will conduct various psychological tests to see whether student capable of or interested to go at certain direction of further studies. With consultation with parents, teachers, and psychological profile, Learning Hub can suggest parents which side student should pursue his / her career.

Learning Hub will give each student a Tablet which consists of required NCERT and CBSE books along with thousands of test papers to solve online. Learning Hub will provide internet connection to all students for this purpose inside premises.

Learning Hub will provide JEE / NEET / CET coaching till end of the academic year and students will keep tablet with them for their use. Fees does not consist of crash course fees after 12th Sci exam.

Crash courses will begun only after 12th Sci exams for students need attention and extra fees will be levied.

Learning Hub ensures that student who does all homework, tests, study on time, they do not need any crash course and study with the help of tablet at their home.

Separate page is available for various exams on web page.